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CLEWISTON, Fla. (AP) TheFlorida Evergladesare home to snakes and gators, and now they’re the setting for a cable show called “Swamp Men.”

The show takes viewers behind the scenes of an eco tour company, Billie Swamp Safari, as the staff rescues and relocates wildlife on theBig Cypress Seminole reservation.

But visitors can explore the almost untouched swamp firsthand on both land and water, with Billie Swamp Safari’s airboat tour and swamp buggy ride. Tourists can also watch a critter show and sample traditional Seminole fry bread and even gator nuggets at the Swampwater Cafe.

“Swamp Men” began airing on the National Geographic Wild channel in May. New episodes will begin airing in the fall.

But the swamp tours date back to 1992, bringing in student field trips from local schools and tourists from all over. cialis generic Australia Tour participants on a recent summer day came from not just South Florida, but as far away as Virginia, Hungary and Pakistan.

Tour guide Hans Lago has something to say about almost every living thing in the swamp as he navigates his airboat through the water. Lago stops the ride to point out the kind of cypress trees from which the Seminoles traditionally carved canoes. cialisgenericaustralia He says the elusive ghost orchid really isn’t all that hard to find if you know where to look. And when large gators start swimming up to the boat, he explains the reptiles never stop growing until they die.

Joe Casey came to the park from New Jersey with his wife, son and daughter. He said it’s different from the parts of Florida he’s seen before Walt Disney World and the beach.

“You gotta see the alligators,” he said. “You see them on TV, but you don’t see them on the beach, you see them here.”

National Press Club
National Press Club

There are plenty of alligators to be seen during one of the park’s 20 minute airboat rides.

Lago said he can never predict what he’ll see each time he takes a group out.

Around the first bend might be a school of fish, some lazing turtles or a rare Florida panther skulking.  Or there might be a water buffalo chewing on mangrove cud although water buffalo, along with some of the other animals you might encounter like bison and ostriches, are not native. They were taken in from exotic animal farms, where some, like the ostriches, might have been killed as surplus.

On parts of the tour, the water is as slick and smooth as mirrored glass, not the brackish muck you’d expect to find in the Everglades. On others, it’s exactly as imagined: dark, dank and full of gators.

The buggy tours are a different type of excursion. Here the tourists are caged in and the animals roam free. Each buggy is as tall as a house, with a waist high frame of latticed iron surrounding the elevated seats.

At one point, guide Matthew McLean got out of the buggy to demonstrate how the sabal palm, Florida’s state tree, could be used to make shelter, a fishing harpoon and even dinner hearts of palm, anyone?

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Cialis cpr 20 mg

And that’s not the only edible here. There’s also the shoestring fern, which can be boiled to make a stomach calming tea, and marshmallow plants, which yield a sweet treat after growing in you guessed it the marshes (though today’s confections are usually made with substitute ingredients).

McLean also pointed out a murky, albeit innocuous looking pool of water. Surrounded by pop ash trees, it’s actually a patch of a quicksand like substance. Past excavations of the small pond have yielded centuries old Spanish armor. cialisgenericaustralia soldiers while fighting to retain control of their land. Army three times between 1817 and 1842. In the end, about 3,800 Seminoles were forcibly removed to Oklahoma but the 500 who remained never signed a peace treaty with the federal government. To this day, their descendents call themselves the “Unconquered People.”

Ed Woods, park director at Billie Swamp Safari, said he hopes both the “Swamp Men” show and park tours help educate people about Florida wildlife. But he doesn’t want kids to think that they should be handling snakes or alligators the way the staff does in their show. cialis generic Australia He doesn’t like the term “alligator wrestling,” and he points out that the handlers here wears special safety gear.

“We’re not here to show, we’re here to educate,” Woods said, adding: “There ain’t no reason to stick your head into an alligator’s mouth.”If You Go.

GETTING THERE: From Miami, take Interstate 95 north to 595 west to Interstate 75 (Alligator Alley) north. Take exit 49 and follow signs 19 miles to park entrance. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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Mayoral candidate Q and A Logano takes Kansas, secures third round entryTravis Sauter holds off Fredrickson, wins Oktoberfest 200Fairgrounds Speedway Results Sunday, Oct. 5Central’s doubles team rides hot streak into tennis postseasonUW La Crosse football notebookPumpkin decorating involves more than a carving knifeCinderella’s fairy godmother may have used a magic wand,Cialis Tablets but anyone can transform a pumpkin into a magical sight with the right supplies and aWhere to get the best tea blends? Your garden, of courseNurse’s Notes: Growing research shows gardens are good for healthDesign Recipes: For new singles, how to reinvent your life and your decorEmployee gardens cultivate thrift, healthy eatingKitchen whimsy: Latest housewares items cooking up funOccupation: Retired; building contractor for 35 years; past vice president of Energy Efficiency SystemsPast political experience: Ran for District 2 city council seat in 2009.Why did you choose to run for mayor?I decided to run for mayor because too many people were running that could have stepped up long ago and identified the major management dysfunction we have in La Crosse.Cialis Vs Viagra After looking at this lineup, I realized that I was the best candidate to fix these problems.What do you consider to be the most important issues facing the city?The past two years have seen significant reductions in state revenue to the city. What areas, if any, would you focus on for cuts to help control costs or potentially lower taxes?The absolute unilateral waste and spending of tax dollars from individual department heads in directions, programs, projects and audits that are hidden behind closed doors. The spending by department heads out of “slush funds” unilaterally and with little or no knowledge by council. All there and documented for all to view in files at City Hall.Are there any city services/areas you would consider to be off limits for cuts?State restrictions limit the amount of revenue governments can generate through the tax levy. How would you suggest the city might raise additional revenue?There is not need to raise tax revenue. Huebsch was correct; it is a spending problem. One only need look at Holmen for the dog that will not catch that tail. In fact, our bookkeeping system is not being used to its full potential. You may not easily produce a total cost for any given program or project. The expenses are lost or have to be “resurrected” from department ledgers. Instead of being flagged twice in a new system. The second time to a project or program “ledger” that can be brought up and printed with a couple clicks of a mouse.What, if anything, would you do to expand the city’s property tax base?I would make available and continue low interest loans for new replacement homes, and remodeling.What do you see as the role of tax incremental financing districts in La Crosse? Should the city provide incentives for development? If yes, to what extent?The current TIF Program is terribly mismanaged. They do not know how much, to whom, for how long in regard to tax dollars invested.

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Discount Cialis Coupon

Mayoral candidate touts qualifications Unusual circumstances left Shannon Hough the sole mayoral candidate, but Hough hopes her qualifications and ideas will inspire voters to select her April 1.Hough, who came in second in the 2012 mayoral race, has a master’s degree in public administration and bachelor’s in political science.Discount Cialis She plans to put them to work finding ways to expand Tomah’s tax base and bolster economic development.Hough also believes the city could do more to revitalize and utilize downtown, both to bring in tourists and to improve Tomah residents’ quality of life.”I think with our planters and things, that’s a great start, but I would like to see little sidewalk caf type things where visitors can come and sit down,Discount Cialis 20mg and maybe have a coffee,” Hough said.”Small things will make a big difference,” Hough added.Hough is in favor of the Tomah Area Community Theatre’s effort to become tax exempt.She believes its important to help small organizations like the ACT, especially ones that increase Tomah’s quality of life.”The building there does generate tax income, but it also generates other moneys as well and brings other events to the area and increases dollars that way,” Hough said.The benefits ACT provides to Tomah outweigh the loss of revenue.Hough plans to address the main concerns brought to her while she campaigned for mayor, including high water bills and new sidewalks.”Everywhere I walk and talk to people, the largest concern is the water bill. Our water bills are extremely high,” Hough said.”I pay more for my water here than I did in California,” Hough added.

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Discount Cialis Online

Hough hopes to work with the Public Works and Utilities Department to determine why that is and what, if anything, can be done about it.”We need to look at a way to maybe streamline the process,” Hough said.The city’s sidewalk policy is on a lot of residents’ minds,Discount Cialis 5mg according to Hough.”There are definitely residents who are not happy with the sidewalks and don’t want them and don’t agree with how they have to pay for them,” Hough said.Hough said she definitely wants to look at the policy and see if there is a better way for the city to address installing sidewalks.Hough was left the sole candidate after it was discovered that LeRoy Kelsey was convicted of a felony in 1990, disqualifying him from holding office.”It’s just unfortunate that the situation got as far as it did,” Hough said.If Kelsey wins the election, Tomah City Council will appoint an interim mayor, and the city will hold a second mayoral election this fall.Workout,Discount Cialis Australia you really are confused aren’t you? have you ever listened to Shannon or talked to her and asked questions? The Hagen Network showed a fundraiser that Shannon attended and he introduced her as potentially the next mayor of Tomah. You seem to hate her so much. I happen to think you are a current council member and want to run for Mayor yourself. That is why you are bashing her so much and making Kelsey out to be so great. 96.1 wrote an article on Shannon and what she is doing in the near future with her Master’s degree. She must not be too vague if she was asked to give a speech with the Secretary of State. You shock me on how little you know, yet how great you are at bashing her. Get your facts straight.

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This is no longer the case today, I believe. I do it anyway, this pause, honestly, because I’ve really told everything. In any case,I will gladly do the same.Cialis Australian Pharmacybut Potash Corp. I’m so glad about that. I’m afraid to play it again much later.According to this, an acceleration law in the test, which is aimed at forcibly renting refugees mainly to unused commercial real estate. Even single-family homes could therefore be affected .. And one must never lose sight of one thing: the price. In this sense, the order was very simple for the engineers who developed the Lancia Delta HF 4 WD.

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generic cialis review australia

Handbag by Miu Miu, approx. 530 Euro). The continuing strong interest in vocational training at Bayer confirms the results of this year’s ‘student barometer’ of the Trendence Institute. Bayer is among the most popular companies in the chemical and pharma sector among students in Germany.Generic Cialis Online Australia so the supervisor meant it is not a huge drama but since she did not have the fteren so with her own or other ‘privacy’ I wanted to ask if the is still normal in the age she can judge it badly what she da so or whether I should talk with her even more intensely on the topic.

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generic cialis tadalafil australia

The layout of this original father of all four-wheel drive cars was as follows: engine front, then automatic transmission,Generic Cialis Tadalafil Australia then planetary differential with lock by double clutch, from there a chain driven propeller shaft forward in a bevel gear differential and a shaft to the rear, also in a differential. The three differentials allowed the desired ‘loose’ connection between the wheels and the engine.’Vertigo’ has always been a very hard work for me. I can not believe that he is one of his best films. Among the instrumentalists who are launching the new year on the Gelblabel, we meet an old master of the piano as well as a young Hei on the violin. The Russian pianist and proven individualist Grigory Sokolov debuted with ‘The Salzburg Recital’ on Deutsche Grammophon on the 16th.